Ozo Refused To Eat With Me Because I Played With Prince Nengi Tells Laycon

“Ozo refused to eat with me, because I played with Prince” So Nengi reported to Laycon.

Laycon has become a relationship counselor in the house. Housemates run to him to seek advice about relationship.

Ozo who has been carried away for what he felt for Nengi has complained to his best friend Dora that Prince and Kiddwaya have not allowed him full access to Nengi.

But by all indications,Nengi is now seeing him as a friend and nothing else.

When Nengi and Laycon were having a conversation,they brought up the matter and Nengi said how she feels about Prince and Ozo,

She explained to Laycon that she doesn’t want to destroy the relationship she has outside .

According to her, she sees both Nelson and Ozo as her friends.

Nengi truly surprised everyone. When they were new she wanted to be with Ozo and was fighting for it. When Ozo became ready for the relationship she friend-zoned him.

Let’s keep watching and see what happens next.

Why is Nengi still interested to eat with Ozo?

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