Beyonce Sold Her Soul To The D*vil ~American Bishop Patrick Wooten

The American Bishop said that Beyonce Sold her soul to the devil 

American Bishop
According to the Bishop the Beyonce's new release"The Church Girl" is a sacrilege because she's not anywhere near the church
The  Bishop Patrick Wooten says Beyonce sold her soul to the devil as he calls her new song "church girl" a "sacrilege".
It is only the bishop who would know his reason for such strong words.
However, the American Pop Star Beyonce has never officially denounced her religion .
To our knowledge she's a christian
And once sang a christian song with her group Kelly Rowland and others.
Have you watched the new song made by Beyonce?

What's your opinion about what the Bishop said about Beyonce?
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  1. Well, the fact that she doesn't go to church does not make her evil. There are many church goers that their evil passed that of devil.

    1. I agree with you. There are a lot of people who are more evil. Girl, keep giving us good music.

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