Russia Destroyed Ukraine Power Plant

At least three power plants have been damaged in a massive Russian missile strike to Ukraine’s energy system, officials in Kyiv said on Monday.

The attack killed at least two people, and left more than 10 wounded in the shelling, highlighting the regional growth in violence.

 This latest outburst comes after months of Moscow’s sustained attacks on Ukraine’s critical energy infrastructure, which has caused energy blackouts and other serious disruptions across the country.

In return, Ukraine launched a massive overnight drone attack over southern Russia, dispatching an arsenal of more than 60 strike drones, according to the country’s armed forces. The assault, they say, resulted in destruction of two oil refineries and a military air base.

The Ukrainian army pointed to a ‘large missile attack’ and, the energy minister German Galushchenko confirmed injuries to vital infrastructure in various regions.even in Lviv or Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine, which were hundreds of kilometres away from the front lines, people felt the shockwaves of the explosions and were scared because of the remarkably large number of strikes. This led to discussions about the safety of civilians and suggested that the war was far from over.

 With Russia’s Victory Day celebrating the defeat of Nazi Germany set for 9 May, and hopes for a massive supply of US military hardware to Ukraine imminent, prospects for renewed violence appear bleak.

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