I Don't Know You Well But I Noticed Something That Made Think You Are A Good Guy Erica Tells Kiddwaya

Erica seems happy to have a caring guy like Kiddwaya in her life.

It will be safe to say that Kiddwaya is a good guy. He is peaceful and not confrontational.

He likes to share and he is friendly. He is friendly with almost everyone in the house.

He hugs and appreciates people a lot.

During one of their discussions,Erica opened up to him the reason she felt he is a good guy.

Erica said,

I don’t know you well but I noticed something that made me think you are a good guy”

She said and continued while Kiddwaya listened,

“I was taking a shower and you walked into the bathroom to wash your hands and you turned away. Some guys wouldn’t”

Kiddwaya felt happy about her compliments.

Erica can actually handle Kiddwaya if she really wants him. He is a whole lot of vibes and he is entertaining.

Kiddwaya is supposed to remain in the house because we love his positive energy.

Do you love Erica and Kiddwaya’s relationship?

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