I Started Smoking Weed After The Death Of My Mother Nengi Reveals To Tochi

Nengi loosing her mother affected her negatively and she did some nasty things but fortunately she didn’t form such habits for long.

I remember when Nengi revealed that what pained her most was her mother didn’t enjoy anything from her.

She died when things were almost getting better for her.

Today Nengi opened up to a fellow housemate, Tochi.

Nengi said,

“When I lost my mum, i started smoking weed. But I’m glad it didnt become an addiction.”

Talking to someone who can relate to what you have experienced is therapeutic.

It gives you clarity to your choices and gives you opportunity to be grateful its over.

Tochi must be a great guy. He gave her a listening ear as Nengi narrated her pains ,her failed relationship and the way she still feels about the relationship.

Nengi has said her truth to the world and we like that.

Happily she is out of the mess.

If you love Nengi let’s hear you say something about this revelation.

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