I Am The Head Of The House I've Read The Rule Book And I Can Tell You What To Do Lucy Tells Tochi

It was not a small argument this morning between the Head of House Lucy and Tochi.

Many of the housemates in diary room have told Biggie how dissatisfied they are with Lucy’s style of leadership.

Tochi was among the people who constantly complained about Lucy.

So this morning after the game,they entered the task of cleaning.

Lucy asked Tochi to join the cleaning outside because he was cleaning where someone else has cleaned already.

Tochi who felt she was bossy got angry and engaged in an argument with Lucy.


“Don’t tell me what to do”


“What do you mean by I should not tell you what to do?

I am the head of the house,I have read the rule book and I can tell you what to do”

What does that mean self?”


“How can you tell me to follow you outside?”


“I didn’t tell you to follow me out.I said where you are cleaning has been cleaned by someone else so you need to clean outside and you are even using a dirty mob . I doubt if you even know how to clean…..”

The quarrel went on for minutes.

Yesterday,Lucy was busy reading the HOH rule book and it seemed she grabbed enough for her to work effectively though housemates said her regime is a military Regime.

In their minds they will be wishing for Nengi to come and rule them again.

Judging from what is happening now in the house do you think Lucy is a good ruler?

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