Did You Come To Big Brother's House To Find Love Or Money Biggie Asks Ozo

Big Brother is not a preacher of love. The Ozone relationship has refused to sail.

Big Brother sees everyone and knows everything happening in the house.

Atleast Ozo the wise man should concentrate and see if he can secure the money.

The crown Prince has already whispered to someone that Nengi will be his.

Big Brother has given Ozo the best advice. It is up to Ozoemena to be strong and move on.

The discussion between Ozo and Biggie goes this way,


“Does Big Brother think I am distracted?

Big Brother,

“Ozo did you come to Big Brother’s House to find love or money?

Ozo ,

“I came to win”

Big Brother,

“Then you know where your head should be”

A very simple but powerful advice.

Nengi is not meant for beginners like Ozo or Prince and she has fully come to play this game.

Ozo realised late that many of the guys in the house equally want Nengi.

I hope Biggie has said the mind of many.

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