Ozo's Sisters Are So Cute See The Pictures Of His Family Members

It will be safe to say that beauty runs in their blood.When you have such cute sisters you will surely have a bragging right.

No wonder he was not in a hurry to rush Queen Nengi

Ozo who is from Imo State Nigeria has three beautiful sisters.

His two sisters are medical doctors while his youngest sister whom he described as his favourite sister is an attorney

Ozo who is a consultant and entrepreneur has worked with EUFA and likes analysing football during his leisure times, has a father who is a medical doctor.

According to Ozo he admires his father a lot.

Ozo once said inside the house,

“If I can be 70% the man my father is,my wife and kids will never have problem.”

Such nice words to hear from Ozo.

These are more pictures of his beautiful sisters

We wish Ozo well as voting commences today and his fans who called themselves superions are warming up to make sure he gets enough vote to remain in the house.

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