Locking Lips With Me Is A Big Deal People Wait For Years To Do That Nengi Tells Ozo

The housemates played so much yesterday night. They had a lot of daring games and it was fun to them and entertainment to viewers.

During the game ,Nengi dared Ozo to pick a lady of his choice and give her a lap dance.

Ozo knowing it was a trap from Nengi refused to pick any girl for such sensitive dance.

He decided to choose Nengi

Atleast he has passed the test and felt he was drawing closer to secure the love of Nengi he has been yearning for.

After the game when many housemates left Ozo initiated a kiss but Nengi stood up and said ,

“Kissing me is a big deal. People wait for years to do that”

Ozo replied “I don’t know what you are saying”

Nengi continued,”Let me go to the mirror and remind myself of who I am”

Ozo was just turning around admiring her while she admired herself in a mirror.

This is what Nigerians call “Initial gragra”

We are still watching them to see what happens next.

What do you think reader?

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Warning:This write up is meant for people above 18 years.

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