Housemates Pressure Ozo To Accept Nengi Into His Life But His Response Shows Where His Heart Belongs

Love is truly a dangerous game. The first day we started watching BBNaijaLockDown Season5 we thought by now Ozo and Nengi would have gone far in terms of relationship but it has never happen.

Who knows if it will ever happen?

Yesterday night after the housemates have seen the outpouring of love demonstrated by Nengi which landed her in trouble with Big Brother they decided to speak on behalf of Nengi who is already showing so much interest in the young man Ozo.

The royal prince in the house whose name is Nelson started the conversation in the presence of Nengi and few other housemates

Prince Nelson asked Ozo why he has not initiated the relationship with Nengi knowing fully well he once confessed that Nengi is his kind of girl

Ozo replied that they have not had time to have the conversation.

Prince told him that 5days is gone already and Ozo said that from the first day he has wanted to be with Nengi but he is taking his time which some people may see as arrogant which is absolutely not.

Ozo added that inside the Big Brother’s House he is closer to Dorathy.

Ozo said,

“Physically I like Nengi but I am close to Dora. If it has to be anybody it has to be Dora. I and Nengi have barely have conversations. “

Could it be safe to say that Ozo is not the type of man you push around. He is not a play boy.

He knows what he wants and he goes for it.

To me I would advise Nengi to forget about Ozo.Being pretty does not mean you can get any man you want.

Ozo truly gave Nengi a red card if she can understand it well.

What’s do you think about what Ozo said?

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