Ozo Washes Clothes And Shoe For His Love Interest Dora

When I saw Ozo washing clothes and shoe which belong to Dora I knew there is nothing left again for our beauty Queen Nengi.

This world is not balanced at all. Nengi’s hopes of having Ozo as hers have been dashed.

Dora started it all .After morning exercise ,she packed her used clothes and shoe ,took a brush headed outside to wash them.

However the man whom has fallen for her while she put no effort joined her.

They were proudly washing and Ozo was spreading and housemates were witnessing the whole thing.

This is not exactly the script many had in mind when the show started.

Many were day dreaming of seeing the cutest guy and cutest girl coming together and we were outside forming a team like Team Ozone

This lesson we learnt from Ozo this season will linger in our memories for a long time.

Frankly,love is truly blind. Ozo has moved on. Queen Nengi is not disadvantaged at all just that she may be emotional about what she is seeing .

It’s unfair when one’s heart desires didn’t come to actualization.

What advice can we give Queen Nengi now?

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