Suzan Coker I Am Your Nemesis Says Juseville Omalicha

The war between Suzan Coker And The Igbos looms ,Igbos are determined to prove Suzan Coker wrong as she has refused to apologise.

Suzan Coker wrote,

“Hey, #RantHQ

So I thought to give you heads-up that a certain set of disgruntled individuals have decided to report RantHQ so that it would be deleted. When they can simply leave. Unfortunately their cross is with Suzan and you my dear people are the collateral damage and they couldn’t care less about you. I do not seek to be loved or wanted but I know I am loved by a lot. They believe I am undeserving of the supposed “success” of RantHQ. In a way I agree with them. I am totally undeserving of all I have but HIS grace is sufficient for me.

Well, if that’s done, it would be a shame considering the network I’ve the strong dedicated army of over a million loyal members have built over a year. Bear in mind, it will not be the end of the world if this happens. However I promise you this we would spring up. This time we would be starting from the top!

Sensible ladies and gentlemen, fasten your seatbelt, we are about to take FLIGHT!

Solidly yours,

Suzan Ade Coker

For the record, I do not owe anyone any apology for owning my truth. I stand by my truth.”

The Nigerian lady who must have left RantQ who goes by name Juseville Omalicha advised that RantQ founded b Suzan Coker which platform she used to insult the Igbos should be reported to Facebook Authorities.

She wrote,

In one of her post using her platform,Juseville Omalicha wrote,

My Experience!
I belonged to a group. A group made up of different ethnic groups. A real group and not a Facebook group. I had no plenty money to give but I gave my Time,Loyalty,Support and Goodwill Yes! I also gave money,the little I had.I gave committment.
Igbos in the group gave the group STABILITY. One single IGBO man gave his money in MILLIONS. The moment Igbo man dropped millions,everywhere scattered. ‘They’ started to drag the group. They even collected the group from the group owner. A good man He let them have the group and the money Everything!

What did the Igbos like me do?
I stood for truth.

That was how all efforts went down the drain. But it won’t make news because the ANTAGONISTS are not Igbos

Guess you DESTROYED the group?
Guess! Facebook people,please guess!

It was destroyed by my ANCESTORS.

Plz,let nobody come to Facebook to type Rubbish about how Igbos are “badder” than Yorubas because of small rant that we are ranting.
I don’t do tribal slurs. I face who is facing me head on! I don’t need to relate a market woman experience. My experience in that group is the WORST thing that can happen to any SANE human.

Talk about BACK STABBING,BETRAYALS AND MANIPULATIONS. The experience is enough to write a book titled:
“How To Dine With The Devil”

Even if Rant Hq is not closed,we all know that it can never be game as usual.

If you win the battle and lose the war,wetin you gain?

Signing out, out of RESPECT for those deserving of it!

This is getting more serious. We will keep you updated.

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