TROUBLE:Suzan Coker Of RantQ In Trouble As She Calls Igbos Senseless,Orders Them To Leave Her Popular Group On Facebook

There has been an ongoing war between the founder of RantQ and the Igbos since 15th of May 2020.

. Igbo is a popular tribe in the Eastern region of Nigeria while RantQ should be said to be the most popular Nigerian gossip group on Facebook with over 1 million followers .

The founder of the group whose name is Suzan Coker went out of the way to refer to the Igbos as senseless and ordered them to leave her group with immediate effect.The post which has since being deleted by her,

She wrote,

Many Igbos have seen her words as hate speech against the Igbos as they started leaving the group in thousands. They are equally calling on Igbos who are still remaining on RantQ to equally exit with immediate effect.

As Facebook rules preach against hate speech Igbos felt that Suzan Coker has flouted the rule given by Facebook as one of things a group leader should obey.

Read this from this Igbo lady,

This is serious more than you can imagine.

What do you think as a reader?

Do you think Suzan Coker should apologise to the Igbos?

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