My Group Is Not Pulled Down After All.Thank You Facebook Boasts Suzan Coker

The owner of the most popular Nigerian gossip group on Facebook Suzan Coker Of RantQ was overjoyed as Facebook refused to pull down her group which was massively reported to the Facebook Authorities.

In appreciation to Facebook and her followers still in the group she wrote,

“Thank you Facebook!

Some posts removed but group NOT pulled down!

We promise to do better. We promise to continue to give people the room to express themselves within the confines of Facebook community rules. Ultimately we shall use this platform to build and encourage, oneness, peace and unity of mankind worldwide. We shall do everything within our power to ensure this on a daily basis by adhering strictly to Facebook community rules.

We would like to use this opportunity to thank everyone for their support for RantHQ. God bless you. Amen.

Kindly note, we would be a little more strict in standard and conduct. I understand that this may not be suitable for all. Therefore we ask that we all carry on in a manner appropriate and in line with Facebook community rules.

Thank you all and God bless.

RantHQ admin. I am short of words. The heavens will attend to you. Amen.”

Some of her followers were excited while Igbos still in group are hell bent on their decision,

Suzan Coker was lucky enough to delete the post in contention before the review by Facebook. She played a smart one on Igbos though she has learnt her lesson in hard way.

Loosing over 50,000 followers in 3 days is not a joke.

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