Nigerians Disagree With Reno Omokiri For Saying Buhari Is Nigerians Punishment For The Way Jonathan Was Treated

The deadly Coronavirus has done no good to the world economy. Truthfully no country is an exception.

As the oil price slumps due to Coronavirus pandemic,it has created a perfect storm for Nigeria’s economy.Washington Post wrote about the fall in oil price and the effects on Nigerian economy.

Reno Omokiri has this to say,

I read this @washingtonpost article about the total bankruptcy of Nigeria under General @MBuhari and I laughed.

Why? Because Buhari is Nigeria’s punishment for the way and manner the country treated @GEJonathan. Enjoy your Buhari!


However,many Nigerians didn’t see it the same way as many believed that Nigeria’s problem has been there before Buhari came to power.

Read their comments,

Many believed that Jonathan’s government equally failed.

What’s your take on this issue raised by Omokiri?

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