Nigerians Mock Clarence Peters's Girlfriend For Dating The Video Director For The Past 14 Years

The Video director’s girlfriend who goes by the name Jbeautifull revealed that she has dated him for 14 years but the criticisms that followed her revelation were unbelievable.

Clarence Peters who lives a very private life outside his job as a video director has been in the news for days now because of the death of a video vixen called Kodak who allegedly died jn his studio. He was arrested and interrogated but now he is released by the men of Nigerian police

After Clarence Peters was set free by the police, he released an official statement explaining the incidents. His girlfriend pledging her loyalty made a post supporting her man.

She wrote,

However she continued,

After many have finished reading her post ,they responded with some funniest comments ever,

Could it be that Nigerians are jumping into conclusion?

Truly speaking,can you be in a relationship that is not marriage for 14years?

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