Anyone Moving Around Without Mask Will Be Prosecuted-Federal Government Of Nigeria

Coronavirus pandemic has caused unbelievable changes around the globe.

World Health organization (WHO)has prescribed the use of hand sanitizers and the use of masks as the ways to protect ourselves from the infectious Coronavirus. Social distancing is equally recommended.

Hence a lot of people are still ignorant of the benefits of using these recommended.

Many countries like South Africa,Nigeria and others who have been under different levels of lockdown are now making wearing of first mask compulsory.

The federal government of Nigeria has announced that anyone found moving about without a face mask will be prosecuted.

The five-page document which was signed by the PTF Chairman and Secretary to the Government of the Federation, Boss Mustapha was released by the Presidential Task Force (PTF) on COVID-19 ahead of the phased and gradual easing of the lockdown. .

The statement further added that ”anyone who presents a temperature of above 38ºC will be mandated to return home.”

It reads

“Anyone who presents a temperature of above 38ºC will be mandated to return home and call NCDC for evaluation. Anyone without a face mask/covering will be asked to return home and will be prosecuted. Anyone violating the curfew in a non-emergency situation will be prosecuted. Anyone attending a gathering of more than 20 people will be prosecuted.

Any member of the public who violates the ban on Inter-State movement as outlined in this guideline will be prosecuted.”

However,for this to work in Nigeria,enough efforts would be put in place especially in major cities of Nigeria.

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