Lagos Cosmetic Surgeon Dr Anu Blames LUTH For The Death Of Her Patient Former Late Beauty Queen Nneka

Last year saw the death of a beauty Queen Nneka who allegedly died when performing plastic surgery.

The surgeon Dr Anu was the doctor involved. Nigerians were heartbroken as this young lady died.

However the doctor has come out to defend herself with some evidence to show that she is actually qualified to be cosmetic Surgeon.

In her video message she said,

“Hi everyone, good evening

I’m Doctor Anu, I have been seeing all the stories online and I have decided to respond to them. I will start by stating my qualifications and I will briefly talk about the issue of the patient who passed on
I have an MBBS degree which means medicine bachelor bachelor of surgery, I’m also a cosmetic surgeon trained in the American academy, I’m a physician member, i have done well over 300, 300 procedures successful. I have never lost a patient in my facility, no patient have ever died in my facility.

Now the issue of the girl who died a year ago, the beauty queen, she had a procedure done with us, I cannot really say so much because of breach of confidentiality and it is very unfair that the videos of this lady will be posted up like that I believe people should respect the dead and not just be after fame or after getting traffic on their blogs and if there really is a problem I believe they should go through the right channel instead of sensitive contents of the patient who is dead online. I sympathize with the family and may her soul rest in peace.

She didn’t die in our facility, she had the procedure done she had a pneumonia and that was why she went to LUTH in the first place, she went to LUTH herself. She was in LUTH for over a month, they made her lie on her bum, discontinued the antibiotics medications which is a problem that can make the patient resistant to that particular class of antibiotics.

This patient was mis-managed in LUTH, LUTH should be the one answering certain questions on how they managed this patient for over a month and she died. As a Doctor, as a physician on my part I did my best, however the patient was fine she didn’t have any post up complications, she was doing okay. She had breathlessness, she had a pneumonia and there’s evidence to show that she didn’t have fat in her lungs. Now this is a medical condition and I referred to.. then in LUTH because they had a respiratory unit and they could manage such condition. I had no idea that they were going to mismanaged the patient, so they discontinued her drugs, she was on her bum, she was supposed to turn frequently or not sit on the bum, you know, but they had to make her stay on the bum, they do not have experience in this aspect of medicine which is aspect of cosmetic surgery. It is not yet a popular field, people don’t really so much about it only a few people do it in Nigeria.”

So she is trying to defend herself to keep her facility open?There are a lot of women currently healing from the horrific injuries her botched surgeries caused…who should we hold responsible?
She is not remorseful,does not sound remorseful and will continue to do this until she is closed down for good.
I have seen so many horrific photos from her victims that i am so shocked she even had the nerves to do this videos apportioning the blame to LUTH….such nerve!!

Watch her video

Nigerians who watched this video were never satisfied with her explanation. Read their responses,

What do you think about the surgeon’s explanation.

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