Five (5) Years Compulsory Service Or Remain In Nigeria, Reps Moves...

The Nigerian law makers, House of Representatives has moved a motion to stop Nigerian indegenious medical doctors from migrating out of Nigeria.

They made this move recently, following the surging number of the Nigerian medical practitioners leaving the country for a greener pastures abroad.

Clarifying on the move, they said, "if the needs be that a doctor will relocate, the said doctor must have served in Nigerian medical field for a period of five years"

This motion has been moved and it is now left for it to be adopted and passed as a law and according to them, it is a clear way to curtail the eventuality of an imminent brain drain.

However some Nigerians are not finding it funny as a Twitter user wrote "because you paid for their fees or read for them? Pass a bill too banning your children and relatives from traveling as well"

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