Do Not Make Me Rap About You, Bia Warns...

The U.S rapper has sternly warned the Nigerian self acclaimed giant of Africa Burna Boy, not to make her rap about him, this was coming after the Nigerian singer dissed the united states rapper in his latest hit.

The U.S rapper Bia warned Burna boy to keep her name off his lips, recalled that in 2021 during an Instagram live session with Nicki Minaj, the young rapper claimed that she doesn't know how Burna boy, Davido and Wizkid looks like.

Well it happened that Burna boy is yet to let go as he ignites a new fued with his new diss track directed to the U.S rapper.

Few days after the release of the track Bia has reacted on her Instagram handle while warning Burna boy about making her rap about him and that if he is pained he should take a pill and chill because she still doesn't know how he looks like.

Reacting to her statement a fan wrote "you claim you don't know him, how come you knew he dissed you in his track?".

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