I Might Reunite With My Estranged Husband If It's Possible ~Cha Cha Eke

I Might Reunite With My Estranged Husband If The Chance Presents Itself – Chacha Eke

Popular Nigerian actress, Chacha Eke has talked about her relationship with her ex-husband.

The actress was responding to questions about reuniting with her estranged filmmaker husband, Austin Faani on her Instagram live.

In the Instagram live session, the 34-year-old said she could if the chance presents itself.

A fan asked “Why do you still have Faani on your Instagram name?”

She responded; “Because I’m supposed to, you won’t understand. Hopefully you will eventually, one day”.

Another fan asked; “You still have the name because you’re gonna get back together soon, will you ever go back by any chance?”.

The Ebonyi born actress responded; “Yes, when the chance presents itself. There’s more to me that you guys will ever know’’.

Some of the readers are saying she has seen the other side of the coin now she wants her home back.
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