Police In Charge Of Fegge Police Station In Onitsha Anambra CSP Rabiu Garba Receives Commendations From Youths

CSP Rabiu Garba is the DPO in charge of Fegge Police Station In Onitsha Anambra.

He is a man who lives an exemplary lifestyle.

Things you need to know about him are these:

He is very humble

He speaks Igbo fluently.

He smiles a lot.

He is not tribalistic.

He hates intimidation.

He is a good listener to everyone.

He picks his calls anytime.

He is accommodating.

He is friendly.

People say police is not your friend but in this man I disagree with that notion. In him, i immensely believe that police is a friend when you meet a good one.

Yesterday the youth were looking for Police Station to burn down. When they trooped to his Fegge Police Station with gallons of fuel and weapons, policemen all deserted the station but the DPO remained.

As soon as he came out, the chants of the angry youths changed from “We no go agree oh we no go agree oh” to 

“DPO Garba you are a good man

DPO Garba you’re a good police man”

Lesson:Be nice for you never can tell when your kindness will save you

Congratulations Rabiu Garba. Maybe by now it would have been a different story but your kind gestures spoke and defended.

For those who may demand to watch the video of this exceptional Nigerian Police. Here is the video

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