All Politicians Will Run Away Any Day Poor Nigerians Will Decide To Hit The Street Says Rotimi Amaechi On A Video Interview

It was as if Nigerian Minister under the present government Rotimi Amaechi saw that EndSARS Protest would take place in the future and he talked about it on one of his interviews back then as a governor.

The video emerged online this morning and a lot of Nigerians have been sharing it.

In the video interview which he had as the then Executive Governor of Rivers State, Rotimi Amaechi condemned the way Nigerians were being treated.

He further said that It is only the rich people who fear police and soldiers.

Amaechi added that any time the poor decide to hit the street all the politicians and wealthy Nigerians will run because it will be brutal.

According to him it would be like what happened in Tunisia.

Finally,the poor masses have decided to hit the streets to defend themselves from SARS and bad governance.

It could be said that Rotimi Amaechi truly saw the future .

Though many hoodlums have joined the EndSARS protest causing mayhem on innocent people but the real purpose of the protest is reformation in all sectors of the government.

This the video

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