These Celebrities Have Been Generous Towards Nigerians This Lockdown Period

If all the rich people of the world are generous ,nobody will actually go hungry .

Many have but they cannot give because the instinct to give may not be in them naturally.

Some may not have much still they are ready to share with others.

As the lockdown continues,it has led to so much hunger and many Nigerian celebrities are truly helping out as they give to Nigerians who actually need their help.

Among the Nigerian celebrities who are consistent in sharing their resources with others are these celebrities here

Tonto Dike

Despite how infectious Coronavirus is,Tonto Dike has not given up as she moves around feeding the less privileged

Good news don’t travel fast. If she has been involved in one controversy or another it would been the story of the day.

She has been spending her resources to put smiles on the faces of people in her own way

And that is highly commendable.

Peter Okoye

The singer has done so much to Nigerians during this period of lockdown. He shares money almost everyday to Nigerians who use social media.

As a lottery license owner, he equally organises a program Zoom which its aim is to change the lives of many and people are winning millions since the inception of this programme.

Frankly speaking,I was never his fan in the past until this period. I am now one his real fans. He has a good heart.

Don Jazzy

The playful rich man has been too generous with Nigerians in this critical time they need his help most.

The one that touched me most was the day he paid in a huge amount of money into the account of a fan who insulted him. This was the fulfillment of scriptures that said love your enemies.

There may be other celebrities who are equally helping people as hunger looms.Lets have their names. They should be appreciated.

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