Nigeria Has 34 New Cases Of Coronavirus As Reported By NCDC

Coronavirus pandemic is the major problem the world is facing presently. The virus which started from China has reached almost all the parts of the world. Some countries are managing it well while others are not as such has resulted in thousands of death across the globe.

The virus has crippled the world economy causing hunger in developing world.

Schools have been shutdown,churches are all close. These are strategies that would help to prevent the further spread of the virus but unfortunately people keep contracting the virus on daily basis.

The government announced and enforced the stay at home strategy but the orders have been defied by Nigerians. Some citing hunger as their man cause of moving around. To them moving around and doing their businesses will help them take care of their families.

However,these decisions by some Nigerians are not helping matters.

According to the account given by NCDC,the centre for disease control in Nigeria 34 new cases have been reported.

These are their reports,

“Thirty-four new cases of #COVID19 have been reported as follows:

18 Lagos
12 in Kano
2 in Katsina
1 in Delta
1 in Niger

As at 11:20 pm 15th April there are 407 confirmed cases of #COVID19 reported in Nigeria. 128 have been discharged with 12 deaths”

The figure is gradually increasing more than expected .By their report,Lagos which is highly populated has 232 cases,the Federal Capital Territory Abuja has 58,Osun has 20 but however Kano unexpectedly has become the 4th State with one of the highest number and this might bring about lockdown in Kano.

After the NCDC used their official Twitter handle to post the COVID19 updates Nigerians reacted this way,

This is the latest update on Coronavirus pandemic in Nigeria. We will keep bringing the latest news to you

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