I Killed My Mother-In-Law To Save My Marriage ~Suspect

I killed my mother-in-law to save my marriage – Suspect .

The world has turned to cruel place where a lady will kill her mother-in-law with no guilty conscience.

A lady, identified as Rosemary Osegba, has claimed she hacked her mother-in-law to death to save her marriage, following her arrests in Nassarawa State on March 18, 2020.

In an interview with The Nation, the suspect said she and her husband, Abaagu Clem, got married in February 2016 but are yet to have a child. .

She claims that she and her mother in-law became sworn enemies from the day Clem, an only child, introduced her as his wife to be.

Rosemary revealed that her mother-in-law tried to prevent Clem from marrying her but it proved abortive as he stood his ground, insisting she was the one for him. .

Clem’s decision to defy his mother and go ahead with the marriage allegedly didn’t go well with his mother who allegedly swore never to allow the marriage to work.

Rosemary said her mother in-law never hid her hatred for her as every little issue they had was easily amplified to a major issue, resulting in a quarell and physical fight in many cases.

According to the suspect, her inability to bear a child for her husband saw her mother in-law mounting pressure on him to take another wife. .

She said her husband at a time began yielding to his mother’s pressure and was introduced to a girl who started living with the mother in-law. .

The imminent threat to her marriage forced her to get an axe in the early hours of Saturday, March 18, 2020, walked into her mother-in-law’s room and hacked her to death in her sleep. 📷: TheNation

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