This Is The Troll Who Insulted TBoss And Her Daughter On Instagram

This is the troll Miss Hafiat who said there’s nothing special about the new born daughter of TBoss and called TBoss “yeye fowl”

TBoss is an ex-housemate of the Nigerian TV reality show called Big Brother Naija. She gave birth to her baby months ago but refused to reveal the face of her baby for months.

It was her first time of showing the public the face of her baby and Miss Hafiat made her regret her actions and spoilt her joy. And TBoss cried bitterly on a live video,releasing curses on Miss Hafiat.

Miss Hafiat realising the public harm she has caused a Nigerian celebrity by murdering her with her mouth quickly disabled her page knowing that Nigerians will descend on her but yet her identity has been traced . This is how she made the comment that made TBoss cry publicly,

“So na this face you de hide since?I was thinking something special and more beautiful than this.Yeye fowl”

But however this baby is super cute and looks like her mother.

Assuming a woman somewhere has an ugly child, will she throw her child away? There’s a saying in pidgin English that goes like this”Monkey no fine but en mama lika m”

What we don’t understand is why women always fight against other women in everything?

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