All Haters Are In Brekete Kingdom Says Mercy As She Shades Tacha

Mercy Eke who is currently in London for a vacation made a live video expressing her experience in London. It could be assumed this should be her first time of visiting London.

In the video she complained of cold but did not fail to admit how peaceful London is.

Mercy was happy that haters cannot reach out to her in London because they will not have the means of coming to London .

But she later connected Tacha by saying that all the haters are in Brekete Kingdom.

Knowing what Brekete means to Tacha is of utmost important.

“we dey brekete” is a known slang used by Tacha.

Before you know it the Mercenaries and Titans will start up their endless verbal battles as usual.

What’s your take on this language used by Mercy ?

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