These days of social media freedom there is nothing that one cannot see online. Truly human beings are bound to make mistakes once in a while but don’t lie against people for the sake of earthly rewards or that.Don’t be an object that tears others down.

As a blogger searching for news to engage my readers, I was browsing through the internet early in the morning and came across the news of Aunty Kemi Olunloyo. I read the news and it sounded unbelievable. Though we have seen in the time past uncountable verbal wars between Davido and Aunty Kemi. I sighed and murmured to myself “This woman again ” I never knew that someone was bent to write about a woman who is on vacation somewhere and said nothing about Chioma..

The blogger who writes for OperaNews wrote these,

Was this blogger paid to write this against Aunty Kemi or was he drunk before writing it.Only him can answer. Aunty Kemi Olunloyo has vowed not take such fake stories from bloggers anymore. Beware writers.

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