Relationship blogger Blessing Ceo shared her experience with a a beggar this morning. So touchy. She said ,

“Now listen .

When we post videos like this is not to show off or get reward from the comment but to show you and teach you the little things we over look everyday .

You don’t have to be so rich before you can give …….

So I was taking my kids to school and on my way back I stopped by the bin to throw away the trash, and as I pulled down my glass and was struggling to drag the nylon on steering , this guy came out from the dustbin and reached out to help me.

He collected the bin from me and threw it, without a word .

As I was about to drive off, I saw him opening on he bin and searching for what I don’t understand, tears dropped my eyes as I watched him. 

I had to call him and give him the little money I had in the car .

He did not believe it .

He was so thankful.

I could see the restoration of hope in his eyes.

As I drove up I was happy that I made someone smile , I was someone’s miracle in my own way .

You that is praying for helper , who have you helped ?

Help someone and help must come to you ..

Good morning.”

That’s a good one Blessing. Some people may have all the money in the world and will never help out in any way.

Do you have such uncles and aunties who are rich but will never help you out when they know your parents are struggling?

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