Nkechi Blessing couldn’t count her joy by starting this year with heart full of joy . It was not quite long when a blogger verbally battered Nkechi Blessing by exposing her dirty secrets with men.But man is not God as Nkechi bounced back with a new man.

She took her time to introduce the young man on her Instagram space and fans were vibrating.

Look at the way she made the introduction,

Big big thank you to the man I call my OWN❤️ You are selfless,pure,humble and above all Loyal to a fault😊…Thank you for bringing out my inner beauty,cus before now I think say I ugly🤣🔥 but seeing meyself side by side with you it’s obvious you complete me my world❤️ let me not continue before witches and wizards comes here to tell me how to live my life✌️…Thank you for all that you do Bubba😍😍 I LOVE YOU SCATTER💕💕

Fans were reacting happily until one reacted differently and Nkechi gave it back to her

Such reply was epic.

As she appreciated the gift of laptop given to her by her brother-in-law,another troll started again,

“All my life I always pray and hope to be married into a family that loves and accepts me with all my ALEBU🤣🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ But the kind of love Yemi’s Elder brother have been showing me since I got into Dallas has been more than amazing😊 and to even round it up he gifted me a brand New 2020 HP Laptop,Ya all know how appreciative I am no matter how little the gesture is? But this is Surreal😊 If you Love me Pls say a Prayer for Uncle Shyon For me🙏🏻 CEO Phlexy Global @phlexyglobal 🔥🔥🔥”

But why would people be so negative about others progress.

Let’s read your take on this story of Nkechi and trolls. Don’t forget to share this story with family and friends.
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