Laura Ikeji, the younger sister to blogger Linda Ikeji and the newly wedded Sandra Ikeji whose wedding broke the world record of having over 200 bridesmaid was happily sharing her joy. She shared some of her elder sister Sandra’s wedding pictures. One of their sisters living in the United States came home for the wedding.

However,vibrant and energetic Laura introduced her sister for those who never met her

She wrote on her verified Instagram page,

“Ok lemme tell y’all a lol story. @sandraikeji didn’t know @veraismyagent was coming from yankee, she assumed since I’m in yankee with her, she won’t wanna leave me lol, nobody told her either that Vera was in town, she just saw her in church and was overwhelmed. She thought she had seen a ghost at first. Hehe, the surprise was worth it. End of my story😁”

“For those always asking about our sister the internet doesn’t know lol because she Doesn’t have any social media Acct, well she in the one in black spraying sandra money. 😂😂 oh it’s change of outfit time boo”

A blogger saw it as a point of duty to follow one of the tags to Laura’s yankee sister’s old dead page and took the information and captioned it “Why lieing Laura?” and equally tagged pregnant Laura who is cooling off in the United States

But I didn’t see any lie with what pregnant Laura Ikeji said. Her sister is not anything being active on social media.

Many people are so busy that they don’t have time to be active on social media.

How sure are you that Laura was aware of that private account with only 294 followers?

Even if she wanted followers only that name Linda Ikeji would have attracted thousands followers to her account.

Some people in real world are so busy with their schedules that they don’t have time to keep up with social media.

To you the reader,will you consider this as a lie?

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