While some are wishing in their hearts for actress Dakore’s marriage to break up,some are praying that God should meet her at the point of that she needed most.

Marriage in Africa has been so hard on women who have difficulty in giving birth to male children. And this practice has being there for ages. The plan of God is that marriages will produce both male and female children. But,when eventually it is not so in any African marriage especially in Nigeria,the woman is persecuted.

Thank goodness Dakore has debunked the break up rumour but this was never the first time it was publicly heard about her persecutions as a result of not giving birth to a male child yet.Though no reasonable woman will bring her family matter to be a public discuss.As long as her handsome husband loves her and is standing with her, they will have victory one day.

Actor Uche Mmaduagwu who is always saying his mind decided to pray for Dakore.He prayed,

“Dakoreea Your marriage is destined to produce a bouncing and cute boy this year, no spiritual fulani herdsmen can break your marriage… ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„They will try to mislead the public with all manner of #FakeNews just to break the fountain of #joy and #happiness in your #family because they have seen that God is about to give you a #handsome baby boy in 9 months time, ๐Ÿ˜but you must be very prayerful dear big sister and dont allow any minimum wage hater spoil your mood because right now, i can hear the cry of a baby boy in your womb. @dakoreea you are not just a colleague but a legend in #Nollywood, ๐ŸŽฌyou are #married to a #great man who #loves you so much, dont let haters spoil your mood because you are about to carry a baby boy soon”.

This is a good prayer.Others are equally praying for her.

But people have refused to mind their business. Someone who must actually be a close friend to Dakore must have started the break up rumour until it started spreading like a wild fire in Harmattan.

Though nobody wishes to marry and have this issue of male child drama because in-laws have zero tolerance for it.If the man does not have enough love for his woman and the pressures from his people keep coming,he might end up dumping his wife for another woman.

Let’s see your comments and advise. Equally share this story because it will gladen the writer’s heart.

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