Nigerians have seriously condemned an interview Tonto Dike granted concerning her ex-husband Olakunle Churchill where she narrated how she was deceived to believe that her ex-husband was Obasanjo’s son but she later discovered that her husband’s father was Obasanjo’s gardener. She said her son’s father engages in cyber crime,even he couldn’t pay her dowry because he was as poor as a church rat but she paid it on his behalf .And that her ex practices voodoo. The one that could take years to be forgotten was the part she called her husband one-minute man. It means that Churchill who gave her a handsome son cannot last for more than one minute in bed due to premature ejaculation. To Nigerians it sounded funny but was not funny at all as it was not our style to talk about such sensitive matter in public. This time a lot of celebrities decided to come into the scene. Two years have passed but this case has refused to die because Tonto resurrects the matter monthly and has never allowed Churchill to drink a bottle of beer in peace. It takes two to tango and it takes two to fight too. Olakunle must have done certain ills no doubt but too much of everything is bad. Atleast for the sake of the innocent boy they gave birth to, people are concerned.

These are some of the celebrities that intervened but Tonto Dike decided to fight back. Trust Tonto Dike and her actions

She had a serious social media fight with Funke Adesiyan who wrote that she is a toxic ex. She fired back that she would feed Funke with poop if she sees her and repeats that before her face. Funke replied that she should ask around because she has a certificate in Taekwando meaning she is a professional fighter and could beat her up like a child.

Ik Ogbonna pleaded with her to think about her son and how the fallout will affect him. She attacked actor IK Ogbonna and promised to expose him for the reason only known to her

Comedian Funnybone got his own share of the insult.

Mike Godson came on with stronger languages and got his own share.

The war continues and she promised to keep fighting as she proudly said”I don’t get ashamed of anything “

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