Many young guys feel so bad when their younger girlfriends dumped them to marry wealthy older men.

Ladies who marry older men marry them because of so many reasons.

A girl who grew up not having a father figure around her falls for older men most of the times because she seeks to gain that fatherly love which nobody showed her as a child. She yearns for that love in the hand of an elderly man who she believes will see her as a daughter and a wife. and this type loves the older man with all her heart.

Sometimes younger men tend to forget a girl that suffered with them when they had no money. Immediately money starts coming, his status changes and he looks for a trendy girl and married her in secret. Through the experiences of others, some girl is ready to dump him for an older billionaire if such opportunity presents itself.

Some girls marry older rich men because of poverty. A girl who knows she is beautiful may not stand to see her parents suffer to pay house rent, the hospital bills and school fees for her younger siblings. Sometimes they end up borrowing to settle bills. Marrying an older rich man might be her way of re-writing the family history. She might grow to love the man with time.

Naturally, women like to be identified with powerful men. Some women who dream to have such men can go extra miles to marry an older man. To such women age is just a number and she enjoys such relationship as long as the man flaunts her around and gives her the space she needs to display the good things of life she inherited from him.

Some parents sometimes force their daughters to marry powerful older men because this would warrant them the opportunity to be known in the society and acquire wealth too .Such girl doesn’t enjoy the marriage because it was never her choice and will never love her husband.

Another group of girls who are interested to marry older men and care less of the presence of other women in the man’s life are the golddiggers.

The reason for such marriage is to establish themselves financially and nothing more. Such a girl doesn’t care how many toes she tramples on to get to the man and his wealth. She has no single love for the old man and might even keep a younger guy that would give her the sexual satisfaction she actually needs.She will be waiting for time to divorce the man immediately she has acquired enough wealth from such unlucky man.

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