Tinubu Makes A Remarkable Moves...

The executive president of Nigeria, Ahmed bola Tinubu has under few weeks of inauguration, given Nigerians a hope for a better administration...

Although his act of fuel subsidy removal has been hitting Nigerians differently but with his new signings to law and actions, Nigerians are hopeful of a light at the end of the tunnel....

Recall that Last week, he signed the electricity act into law which places right of power distribution at the hands of state and private sectors too, this move has been commended by Nigerians as they believe it will boost the sustainability and more availability of light in the nation and reduce monopoly of light.

Another move by the president that Nigerians seems to be pleased with is the suspension of the current governor of the Nigerian apex bank.
Gov. Godwin Emefiele was at late hours of yesterday suspended by the president and his deputy acting currently as the governor of the Central Bank, Nigerians seems to be happy with the news, as they recounts their ordeal at the hands of the suspended governor of the Central Bank, they tagged the action as "justice served for poor nigerians".

They tasked the current administration to continue on this lane as nigerians
are hopeful that this administration will be much more better than the the previous administrations.

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