Wizkid is a jealous & selfness person. Read πŸ‘‡

Wizkid is a jealous & selfness person. Read πŸ‘‡Below are some of the proofs that Ayo Balogun popularly known as Wizkid is jealous and selfness person. 

We bring it to you in details...

1. Olamide picked a date for his show in 2019, later, Wizkid went to pick that same date just to move away people attention. 

2. Headies Award picked a date for their Ceremony, Wizkid went on to choose same date for his show in London. 

3. Davido did his 02 Arena in London, Wizkid neglected that show and went to host a show in Dubai.

4. Olamide featured Wizkid at least 3 times on tracks, Wizkid never reciprocate this love.. 

5. Wizkid defamed Rekeedo Banks Song where he ft Wizkid just because he asked him for a release date.

6. Wizkid never aim to help any young artiste to be successful. 

7. Ahmed saga is there too. (A boy he promised 10m and a scholarship).

8. He loves to delay his verse on a track they ft him until the song loses it value (Bellarshmurda case)  is a good example, you can abuse me, but I just spoke the fact!!! 

Let him ft Olamide as well to show back love, Baddo na Legend in the industry..  That's why OBO gang dislike Wizkid. He want Davido to ft him first?  David won't let that happen....  Never!! 

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