They Sacrificed My Mother Donda~Kanye

This year 2022 has been tough for American Rapper Kanye,from his marital upheavals to problems with his ex-wife Kim Kardashian's family. A lot of social media scandals which resulted in him been blocked across social media platforms.

Weeks back, Kanye west spoke against the Jews which he was mandated by Adidas and other companies he  was collaborating with to retract but he initially refused until he allegedly lost $2billion before he decided to apologize. Only this act made him to loose his billionaire status and was replaced by Didi and Jayz.
Days back he said he would take break from interviews and talking on social media. After the break, Kanye has returned with explosive revelation about his late mother Donda
After a while of being silent, Kanye admits to the fact that his mother "Donda West" was sacrificed , Dr dre son was sacrificed, Michael jordan his son and bill cosby his mom ,
He further said he won't remain silent or be  used like JAY-Z and BeyoncĂ© or LeBron James amongst others...
Kanye West :
 "They can't control me. They can control Jay-Z & Beyonce, but they can't control me. My mama ain't here anymore. My mama was sacrifĂ®ced. They took all I had away. Still, God loves me."

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