Protesting Nigerians Raise 1.5Million Naira For A Disabled Unemployed Nigerian Girl Jane Who Came Out To Protest

This is the news of the day and it is a great one.

No matter where you are across the globe, you must have heard about the ongoing protest by Nigerian citizens demanding an end to police brutality and all manner bad governance by people in authorities.

The protest is taking all manner of dimensions both positive and negative sides.

A disabled Nigerian girl called Jane who came out to protest couldn’t believe her eyes when Nigerians decided to wipe her tears.

According to the report,she’s been unemployed since 2013 partly because of her disability, she came out to protest.

According to the report,Nigerians present saw her and decided to raise 1.5 Million Naira to support Jane .

This would actually go a long way to help her in establishing a business and her needs will be fully met.


May their pockets be replenished and may they never lack.

This is not the first time protesters are helping out the disadvantaged Nigerians. Like yesterday in Abuja ,they gave a lot of money to Nigerians living under the bridges.

Many celebrities have been supplying foods and drinks to the protesters as their ways of contributing to humanity,having in minds that Nigerians are tired of Police brutality and bad governance. #ENDSARS #ENDSWAT

What’s your opinion about the EndSARS protest going on ?

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