I Am Separated From My 67 Years Old White Husband Says Kathrina Of BBNaijaLockDown Season5 Housemate

Kathrine who is among the 20 housemates chosen for Big Brother Naija Reality Show 2020 tried hard to explain to the fellow housemates the difference between divorce and separation

Her purpose of coming to the house is to showcase her brand according to Kathrine.

When it was her time to let the housemates know who she really is last night ,Kathrine let them know that she was once married but got separated and not considering divorce at all.

She said

“I am not ready to give my husband a divorce but should I eventually loose my husband who is my partner I will still have children as I have embroyos freezed in South Africa . All I have to do is to travel to South Africa”

She further explained that she was denied Visa to be in Spain, her husband’s country so she relocated to South Africa where she studied acting.

Kathrine revealed that she met her husband in Lagos,she is a boss lady and has a mini estate and companies.

However,her reason of coming to the show is to showcase her brand and start building her companies.

From all indications,she may not have interest in the price money as she has enough.

Her former marriage is blessed with a beautiful daughter

She described herself as a boss lady which she truly is,wealthy and young.

But this aspect of not ready to give her husband a divorce ,what do you think?

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