Reno Omokiri Praises The Igbos For Hardwork And Success Despite Setbacks In The 70s

Nigerian actvists Reno Omokiri who is good at saying his mind has praised the Igbos for working so hard despite what they passed through during the tribal war in the 70s.

This was never the first time he was verbal about the progress of the Igbos.

Igbos as it is known indulged in apprenticeship system whereby a wealthy man in any Igbo community takes younger boys from families who might be poor and trained these boys in business apprenticeship.

This might take few years as they stay with their wealthy master and learn whatever trade well.

At the end of the apprentice years their master settles each one of them with reasonable amount of money to start their own businesses. The cycle continues like that given rise to many self made men without the help of any government.

See how,Reno Omokiri narrated it.

He said,

“The Igbo apprenticeship system is not only the world’s largest venture capitalist scheme, it produces more US dollar millionaires per capita than both @Harvard or @Yale. To understand money, you must understand the Igbo race. Igbo means SUCCESS!

No other race on Earth, with maybe the exception of Jews, have a better excuse to be poor, as Igbos. Militarily defeated and financially devastated in 1970, they overcame it in less than a generation, prospering above any other ethnicity in Africa!”

His post received lots of positive comments by Nigerians who read it,

Igbo is a tribe in the Eastern part of Nigeria and Igbos are truly hard workers and very progressive likewise other tribes in Nigeria.

What’s your take on this Reno Omokiri’s opinion of the Igbos.

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