Quick Intervention Of FCT Health Ministry In The Removal Burial Cloth Dumped By The Man Who Buried Abba Kyari Is Commendable

Yesterday was a sad day for Nigerians as they mourned the passing of the Chief of Staff To Nigerian President who died of complications from Coronavirus pandemic.

After the burial one the cemetry guys who helped to lay Late Abba Kyari’s body to his grave was seen in a video which trended online removing the protective cloth,mask ,gloves and every other thing he wore during the burial.

Surprisingly,he was doing this in the street near the burial ground in Gudu Abuja.

After removing the clothes he dumped it by the street there,entered his car and drove off.

Nigerians using Twitter didn’t find this funny as they started posting the video online tagging the respective authorities.

It didn’t take long as the Ministry of health intervened.

Mohammed Jammal thanked the Nigerians who called their attention online and said,

“If not for all of you on Twitter, we probably wouldn’t have been able to do all this!!! See how they threw gloves, masks etc in the floor 🤦🏽‍♂️ Thank you Honorable Minister of @OfficialFCTA @MuhdMusaBello for taking immediate action.

Dr. Kawu, @OfficialFCTA Acting Health Secrectary is doing everything he can within his powers to ensure the mistake is corrected and the spread is controlled. Listen to this video and RT!!!! Let’s not let the mistake of a few cause problems for us 🙏🏼 “

So, he posted the video made showing how the health officials intervened,disinfected the discarded materials and picked them up in a red bag and another video of the health representative explaining to Nigerians about the incident.

He further revealed that the man who dumped those materials has been found and things are under control to avoid further spread of Coronavirus pandemic.

This is the video,

To me this is commendable and Nigerians on Twitter did a great job.

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