Nigerian Actress Halima Abubakar Reveals Why She Used The Picture Of An American Baby Instead Of Her Son's Picture In A Post

Nigerian actress Halimar Abubakar who just gave birth to a bouncing baby boy made a great mistake when she used a picture of an American baby to announce the arrival of her baby

Some social media users went to the extent of tracing the picture to an Instagram profile belonging to an American mother and let her know that a certain Nigerian Actress used her son’s picture impersonating the baby to be hers.

Halima Abubakar has to do a lot to prove to Nigerians and others that she had no evil intention. Because all through her pregnancy it was few of her friends who were aware. She finally posted her pregnancy video

As if it was not enough,she posted the picture of her son’s hand explaining why she didn’t post the picture initially. Her reason being that the baby is still in Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

This is her story,

He will be discharged tmr from icu.i didn’t post cos he was premature.God saved him.I just had to post this. For the people who didn’t see me, I have no close friends.I can’t show you a fragile child, I risked this just to post. @ruggedybaba update paddy mi.i Had to do this.Thank you. Besafe and stay safe.THE WORLD JUDGE WITHOUT KNOWING.I JUST HAD TO POST THIS AND HAVE A GOOD DAY✊🏼mummy m❤️

Upon all her explanation, many Nigerians have refused to understand her point of view.

Some said she would have waited till the baby is mature enough before chasing clout,

Her famous friends and colleagues did not judge her but they gave her some words of consolation,

Seriously,people are over dramatising issues sometimes. Being a celebrity does not mean one is perfect. They should take it easy with our celebrities.

What’s your take on this issue reader?

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