Cyril Allow Us To Smoke,Drink As It Is Better For The Health Of South Africans Than Abstinence Cry Some South Africans

Coronavirus pandemic has changed a lot of activities across the globe.

If you have been to South Africa you would notice that one of the cheapest things you can buy is alcohol. South Africans don’t joke with alcohol but due to Coronavirus pandemic the President Cyril Ramaphosa has put restrictions on alcohol and smoking.

However those restrictions did not augur well with alcohol lovers and smokers as they have started crying out.

Here is what a ex -chainsmoker wrote to the President, and explained why the total ban of alcohol during this 21days stay at home order may affect people’s health,

The ex-chainsmoker wrote,

“I’m an ex-smoker who knows all too well what the early signs of withdrawing from nicotine can do to an otherwise well-balanced human being. I decided to go cold turkey on Benson & Hedges when I was serving out my notice at a newspaper’s personal finance division. It took only a few days for me to transform into a monster. My social filter disappeared along with the tobacco filter, at times leaving me perilously close to unleashing extreme rage on a particularly difficult work colleague – whereas normally I could smile and let niggles and jabs flow past me without so much as a flinch. I survived the first three weeks of no-smoking, and so did my former colleague. As South Africa becomes a national social experiment in kicking the smoking habit, academic experts have called for a rethink by the government. Smart and Broadbent worry that banning cigarettes and booze could have the opposite efffect; instead of curbing abuse, prohibition could exacerbate it. – Jackie Cameron

The writer could be right as the sudden change will surely affect thousands of South Africans.

To stop a habit it takes a gradual process before a real result can be achieved.

What’s your take on this issue?

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