Buhari Has Killed Nigeria For Publicly Begging Elonmusk For The Supply Of Ventilator Says Fani Kayode

Buhari Has Killed Nigeria For Publicly Begging Elonmusk For The Supply Of Ventilators Says FFk

Nigeria is the largest black country in Africa with many tribes and over 200million citizens living in it.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has exposed a lot about our health sector. And by all indications Nigerians may not be fully prepared in the battle against Coronavirus pandemic just like many other countries in the world.

The only concern is that if countries like America and Italy are crying out over this deadly virus how would the developing world face it ?

Nigeria lacks ventilators and they need these as fast as possible as the number of infected Nigerians keep increasing though mildly.

The Federal Government Of Nigeria demanded for the supply of ventilators outside the country.

Though initially Innoson volunteered to help in the production of ventilators in collaboration with the government but was turned down.

However,Nigerian politician from the opposition party PDP didn’t find this funny that the government was seeking help from Elonmusk and he wrote about it saying these,

Though it is difficult to explain why he should be ashamed to be a Nigerian. Is it because a country of over 200million people could not produce ventilators or any other reasons?

Many Nigerians didn’t agree with him as some felt he might be worse than the president if given the opportunity.

Read their comments,

Some went to the extent of calling him negative names.

Recounting that he was in government for many years if not that recently he was not favoured politically.

These days Nigerians talk boldly as they posted all these on his page for him to read it directly.

What’s your take on this issue reader?

Do you believe Nigerian politicians are the same especially when they are in authorities?

Let’s read your comments in the comment section and help us share.

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