Updates:Almost 200 Northern Korean Soldiers Killed By Coronavirus,South Africa's Coronavirus Patient In Critical Condition

According to new reports, almost 200 North Korean soldiers have been killed by coronavirus forcing diplomats to leave the Asian hermit nation as the virus takes a grip round the world.

Even though North Korea has not publicly acknowledged or recorded a single case of coronavirus since it surfaced, a new report has emerged stating that N.Korea has been hiding it’s death toll caused by Coronavirus as neighboring South Korea confirmed that with it’s 7000 cases, it is the second most infected nation in the world.

Coronavirus has truly crippled the world economy and has restricted movements causing so much fears all over the world.

In South Africa it is reported the Coronavirus patient this morning is in critical condition as confirmed by South African health Department upon all the announcement of preparedness by South African government. And South Africans are complaining bitterly as the news of the patient was announced

Some are saying that Coronavirus was predicted since 1981 as a book contains a piece written by the author about Coronavirus.

See where it is written

What’s your take on this Coronavirus situation all around the world.

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