Nigerian Police Arrest Woman Used To Perform Miracles In Churches By Dubious Pastors

Police arrest woman used by different pastors to perform fake miracles

The Inspector General of Police Intelligence Response Team (IRT) in Lagos have arrested 44-year-old woman, Bose Olasukanmi, who was used by several pastors to perform fake miracle in their churches, Guardian reports.

The woman’s fake miracle was brought to light in October, 2019, after several videos of her being ”healed” of her bad hand, surfaced online. .

According to Guardian, Olasukanmi recounted how she got into the business. “It started after an accident that say everyone abandoning me. It was under this condition that I met one Fatila Musa. .
She told me that I should use what I have to get what I want. She taught me how to carry my hand and how to bring it down in such a way that the congregation would believe me.. .
After a one-day rehearsal, she took me to a pastor at Calvary Close, Ogba, Lagos. She said the name of the church is Radiant Army Deliverance Ministry a.k.a Anthony Anthony.

The first day I performed, I got N9, 000. Life became sweet as the pastors were happy with my performance. I cannot remember the names of all the churches she took me to.

I am a moslem. My only regret is that I knew that it was a fake miracle performance, which deceived many genuine children of God and enriched the fake miracle performing pastors and prophets.

It is this same fake miracle performance I was involved in that made my father to get stroke when he heard that they were using me to make money. In the first performance I got N9, 000, 2nd performance N7, 000, third performance N10, 000. .

In Port Harcourt I got N10, 000, N7, 000 and N15, 000 while in Abakaliki, I performed only once before IRT operatives stormed there and arrested me.

My advice to people who go to church is that they should open their eyes well and know the type of church they are worshipping. If they are careful, they would discover on time whether they are in a genuine church or with fake pastors and prophets.” she said.

Things are happening.

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