Bashir Ahmad Tries Hard To Convince Nigerians That Buhari Is Back To Office

It has not been easy for personal assistant to Nigerian president on digital media to convince Nigerians that Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari is back to work since the day Kyari tested positive to Coronavirus and it was said Buhari tested negative after the test.

However it has not been easy since a voice note of his traveling outside the country secretly went viral

Here is the voicenote,

Nigerians this time has refused to hide how they felt as they believed the presidency is covering up a lot of secrets since after the Coronavirus test on President Buhari which was negative. Read these discussions,

The discussions Bashir Ahmad kept claiming the President is still at work

However,Nigerians should concentrate and stay safe instead of disturbing about the state of health of President Buhari.

What’s your take on this issue.

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