Senator Dino Melaye Declares His Passion For Purchasing Assorted Automobiles

Senator Dino Melaye is no doubt a lover of cars. Entering his home garage as seen across social media the first thing one notices is fleet of cars scattered all over his garage.

Senator Dino Melaye has been criticized severally by opponents who felt his display of fleet of cars and affluence should not be done when thousands of Nigerians are going hungry.

This time he decided to address this issue for his opponents and trolls to swallow their vomits.He said,

“Everyone spends his/her money on what he or she likes.My passion is to collect automobiles.Occults can buy blood for any amount. Homosexuals spend so much on the same sex,some on babalawo,some hide their momey in Switzerland while some bury ego under the ground & some on cocaine …..” And he continues,

Dino Melaye has passed his message and it is left for people criticising him to understand his point and allow him exercise his rights.

Do you think Dino is doing the right thing by acquiring exquisite machines to satisfy his passion?

Will you advice trolls to allow him enjoy his life?

Let’s hear your opinion in the comment section and don’t forget to share this story .

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