Man Burns Son On Hot Pan For Stealing Fish

Police in Ogun have arrested a man who sat his five-year-old son in a heated pan for stealing fish.

The Police were alerted by neighbours in Oke Soppen area of Ijebu Igbo who reported that Idowu Sikiru was  about to kill his son, Segun.

Police spokesman in the command, DSP Abimbola Oyeyemi, said Sikiru also used the hot pan to burn the boy’s fingers and mouth. The boy has been hospitalized.

Child abuse is like a norm in Nigeria but this parent went to the extreme. Firstly,the child is under-aged. Seondly, this was an inhuman treatment. Thirdly,being a parent does not entitle this father to live above the law.

This is the picture of the 5year old before he was hospitalized.

There should be laws protecting the rights of children. Just weeks to this year 2020 cases of child abused received are already countless.Step mothers maltreating their stepchildren and others. These are life threatening and should only be curtailed by the rule of law.

Like this picture below ,the woman in picture malhandled her stepchild.

What’s your take on these matters. Your comments will be appreciated.

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